Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Grazie and pictures

Dear Nestor, dear Parmenides Publishing and Hyele friends, dear all,
thank you so much for organizing and sponsoring this, for being there, for the wonderful conversations and time spent together,
I am sure that I will be in touch with many of you - and I am so happy thinking back of these lovely spring days in Buenos Aires... which will give me the energy to face one of the busiest November ever!
If you want to have a look at my pictures you may find them here:
And Jeroen's pictures are here:
A big hug also from Jeroen,


C'est moi, la Madda said...

Bellissime, come sempre!
Non saprei decidere quali mi piacciono di piĆ¹, vi voglio benissimo e mi mancate un sacco!

sherman said...

Dear Chiara,

Thank you so very much for your lovely greetings and beautiful images of the conference! I am truly sorry that I was unable to attend, but Eliza and Gale have just returned and I can't wait to hear everything about it. As you know, we will publish the proceedings, so we' ll be in touch.

My very best regards,

Sara Hermann
Publisher & CEO
Parmenides Publishing