Monday, 22 October 2007

Poster Buenos Aires

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P. Balan said...

Dear Chiara:
I attended the congress on Parmenides and I enjoyed your conference very much. Though controversial, your view about the true meaning of Parmenides' being was quite convincing and, personally, I find it very appealing, as it captures the
essence of a moment: the moment of understanding.
As Borges wrote once: "¡Oh, dicha de entender, mayor que de imaginar y la de sentir!"(Oh, joy of learning, greater that the one of imagining and living!). And Borges again: esa inminencia de una revelación, que no se produce, es quizá el hecho estético. ("That inminence of a revelation, which does not happen, is, perhaps, the esthetic fact.")

Yours faithfully,
Pablo E. Balán