Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Dear all,

Finally Isabella and I are at home! I am happy as I have never been before and completely in love with my wonderful daughter!

Isabella was born on the sunny morning of the 1st of July at 10.42.

The day after, a few hours after leaving the hospital, we had to go back: Isabella had a fever and the physicians decided to give her antibiotics in order to cure possible dangerous infections that, as it turned out after 3 days, luckily, she had never had.

She is a lovely sweet child: my husband, my mother, who joined us from Italy, and I are completely crazy about her.

We will put more pictures on flickr soon- in the meanwhile you can have a look at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jeroenleijen/tags/isabellaleijen/

very warm regards,



Sasha said...

Привет, Киара :) !
Мои сердечные поздравления и пожелания счастливой и радостной жизни всей вашей семье!!!
Очень приятно видеть, как много любви и заботы вокруг маленького Человека....

Sasha di Mosca

chiararobbiano said...

Dear Sasha, thank you for your wonderful message (which I am surprised to be able to understand after so many years!) Are you the Sasha whom I and the other girls from Genoa met in Gorky Park, the one with whom I exchanged many letters after the beautiful summer of, if I am not wrong, 1987? Please if you are that Sasha, send me your email!!

Sasha said...

See your email chiara.robbiano@phil.uu.nl