Friday, 2 May 2008

Back from Istanbul...

... possibly the last holiday while we are still the two of us! It has been a wonderful experience: great city (look at the pictures), sultan-like hotel, and wonderful Jeroen.

Everyday we left the hotel just before noon and came back around seven. Even if this involved a lot of sitting, I do think I have managed to see a lot and really enjoy the atmosphere and the multi-layered quality of the city. Back to the hotel, after my crashing in bed (and falling sound asleep), we put our bathrobes on and headed towards the swimming-pool and other water amenities area.
Something else: even if the city is very 'full' and to be trapped in a lot of traffic is normal, we often noticed and enjoyed some kind of peace. People often seem not to be stressed. They are efficient without being in a hurry. I never felt nervous on the streets, whereas e.g. I cannot help but being very nervous and stressed out while walking in Napoli or in Cairo.
We will go back sometime.

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