Thursday, 3 April 2008

Tonight I must give a lecture in Crete...

Jeroen and I spent two wonderful weeks in Greece and Italy.

In Greece I was invited to give a lecture in Rethymno, at the University of Crete, by dr. Chloe Balla who signed an Erasmus agreement between the University of Crete and of Utrecht together with dr. Teun Tieleman.
Chloe has been so nice to organise my invitation.

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Before flying to Crete I received the most princess-like hospitality you can imagine In Athens at my friend Sylvana's place, enjoying her company. Sylvana is surrounded by special people, like Jilles, George Karamanolis and Aleka. To be with them has been like spending time with old, inspiring friends.

Gabriella and Chiara
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In Italy I enjoyed my lovely family, friends, food, sun. It is so good to be spoiled and to relax and enjoy the company of beautiful people... especially when you yourself look like a seal and feel most of the time as a stranded little whale.

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